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The project "SMEs - Information and Consultation - Innovative Challenges" is a project with the support of the European Commission and it emerges following the previous ones (on the IC New Dimension's series).
This present action, having into consideration the conclusions and results from the previous actions, and also due to the role played by the SMEs, is focused on the information and consultation within the SMEs, at national level and also articulating it in order to overcome crisis situations and making the necessary linkage to the application and development of the Directive 2005/56/EC on the cross borders mergers.
Within our work other issues will also be covered not only to allow a better explanation and use of such tool as well of certain aspects that deserve to be focused such as the employees' participation right - on the perspective of the SMEs and articulating such with the development of information and consultation specially on the matters that this project intends to stress such as employees' financial participation, flexibility and innovation.
It also aims to gather concrete examples and how they are applied in practice having in consideration the different realities and the articulation developed between those matters.



Conference Lisbon 2016/09/23 Presentations

Booklet Directive 2005/56/EC

Workshop Belgrado 2016/03/10 Photos

Workshop Riga 2016/04/14 Photos

Workshop Tirana 2016/05/05 Photos

Workshop Malta 2016/06/04 Photos

Workshop Arcos de Valdevez 2016/07/18 Photos

Conference Lisbon 2016/09/23 Photos

Conference Lisbon 2016/09/23 Webcast

Restrict Meeting Lisbon 2016/09/24 Photos

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Information and Consultation in the applicant countries


Montenegro - Labour Code
Montenegro - Ammendments to Labour Code
Montenegro - Information and Consultation on National Collective Agreement
Crnogorski - Opsti kolektivni ugovor
Crnogorski - Zakon o radu

Serbia - Labour Code
Serbia - Information and Consultation in New Labour Code (in serbian)
Serbia - Information and Consultation in New Labour Code (in english)

Information and Consultation in Turkey

Macedonia - Labour Law
Macedonia Law in European Works Councils (Macedonian)
Directive 2001/86/CE (Macedonian)
Directive 2002/14/EC (Macedonian)
Directive 2005/56/EC (Macedonian)
Directive 2009/38/EC (Macedonian)

Labour Code

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